Klassenfahrt der 6B nach Herne Bay, England

Das schrieben die Kinder:

My time in England was great.

The ride to England and back was pleasant and we had no problems.

In the guest families was everything okay: They talked to us and if you didn´t like anything they offered you something else.

Also the excursions were great. I enjoyed everything, especially the last day in Canteburry.

The three days passed quickly and I had a nice time in England and we get along with the language better, now.

Gül, 6b

The first day in the guest family was very nice: They were polite and they always brought us to the meeting points. Every day the dinner was very tasty and healthy.

On the first day we were at the beach. On the second day we went to London and we saw the London Eye, the Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. I bought a lot of gifts for my family. On the third day we went to Canteburry and went shopping.

The class trip was very nice and I like England.

Franziska, 6b

The guest family was so good. They have two big dogs and the dogs were friendly.

For breakfast we had cornflakes and for dinner pasta.

We played darts, Monopoly and chess – that was fun.

Amir, 6b